Current Tasks

Current Tasks

The following is a list of the most important open tasks at this time, ordered from most to least important:
  1. Review requirements and design documentation.
  2. Develop new or better modules
  3. Play against program.
  4. Use debugging facility.
  5. Testers needed
  6. Technical writers needed.
  7. Create a logo

Review requirements and design documentation.

It is important that we are building the right thing, with a design that will support our goals. The most important current task is that the requirements specification be reviewed, as well as the api's for the different classes, particularly those in the framework, debug, and module packages, and the interfaces in the packages one level below module.

Develop new or better modules.

The programs current level of play very poor, well below 30 kyu in ability. We need developers to write new modules, and better versions of existing modules. The most important ones are:
  1. Tactics
  2. Tesuji
  3. LifeAndDeath
  4. Shape
  5. Proverbs
  6. Connection
  7. Ladder
  8. MiddleGame
  9. Endgame
  10. Fuseki
  11. Expert
  12. BigPoint
Some of the existing modules are merely place holders until stronger ones are written. Examples of this include the Endgame, and Fuseki modules. In addition to making the program stronger, developing a module will also allow us to gauge how easy it is for a new developer to understand the documentation.

Play against program.

The program is at release 0.1 strength now. It is known that the program plays very very poorly. Play against it, and try computer - computer play. Make sure that the functionality works correctly, such as load/save game, take back move, etc. View the moyoman/logs/error file to see if any errors occurred.

Use debugging facility.

The debugging facility is one of the most interesting features of this program. It reflects the analysis of each module in the system. It is important that this information is easy to understand. Report any bug reports, as well as usability ideas to us.

Testers needed

Someone is needed to put together a test plan, as well as supervising the writing of the test code. Ideally, there should be a group of people who test and evaluate modules independently of the development group.

Technical writers needed

It would be nice to have a professional technical writer to take charge of the documentation.

Create a logo

Any decent open source project needs a logo. Any ideas are welcome, although one possibility would be a cross between a sumo wrestler and a samurai. Think about it.