Class IllegalMoveException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
IllegalKoException, IllegalSuperKoException, OccupiedPointException, SuicideException, WrongColorException

public class IllegalMoveException
extends Exception

This exception is thrown when an illegal move is made. Derived classes of this one correspond to the specific types of illegal moves, such as illegally retaking a ko, or commiting suicide.

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Field Summary
private  Stone stone
          The stone that was illegally played.
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Constructor Summary
IllegalMoveException(Stone st)
          Create the IllegalMoveException object.
Method Summary
 Stone getStone()
          Get the stone that caused the exception.
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Field Detail


private Stone stone
The stone that was illegally played.

Constructor Detail


public IllegalMoveException(Stone st)
Create the IllegalMoveException object.

st - The stone that was illegally played.
Method Detail


public Stone getStone()
Get the stone that caused the exception.

A Stone object.